Managing NMOSD

Long-term management is critical to reducing your risk of an anti-AQP4 antibody-positive NMOSD attack

Anti-AQP4, anti-aquaporin-4; NMOSD, neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.

Artwork of an adult multitasking and managing her life with NMOSD

NMOSD is a chronic condition, so it’s crucial to treat it even when you’re not actively having an attack

Every anti-AQP4 antibody-positive NMOSD attack puts you at risk for further damage and may result in additional disability over time

Choosing an appropriate treatment that fights anti-AQP4 antibody-positive NMOSD where the damage happens may help prevent future attacks

Treatments may have important limitations

Treatment is essential, but not all treatments work the same way.

Talk to your doctor to understand how to tell anti-AQP4 antibody-positive NMOSD symptoms and side effects apart.